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Paediatric dentist's Top tips for caring for your child's teeth

November 1, 2021
Posted By: Waterways Dental
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When you have children, you will be offered some unsolicited advice from time to time. Whether it is from a friend, sibling, parent or mother-in-law, everyone wants to give you their tidbit of advice. The hard part for you as a parent is working out what advice you will take on board. This can often result in parents feeling stressed or confused, usually taking to google to try and figure out what to make of the advice they've been given.

We're here to help. After working in the dental industry for a while, we have heard it all. We hear some great advice and some not so great stuff too. We also hear from parents who have been elsewhere for their child's first dental visit and have felt bombarded with information, sometimes even feeling like they've been "told off". 

Here at Waterways Dental, your Mermaid Waters dental clinic, we are all about working with you for you. As the old saying goes "it takes a village to raise a child". We love that we get to be a part of our patient's village. 

To help you, we've put together our top tips for caring for your child's teeth. 

  1. Start brushing early, even before any teeth have come through. Keeping the gums clean is just as important as keeping the teeth clean. Not only will you be getting bub used to having a toothbrush in the mouth, but you'll also be developing great, early dental habits. Nuby makes a great oral care set that is perfect for your little ones. You can pick one up from your local pharmacy.
  2. Continuing with brushing - try to brush twice a day, every day. We understand this can get difficult with busy lives and schedules, especially when little ones fall asleep before bedtime (wait, does that happen for some lucky parents?). By brushing twice daily, you significantly reduce the amount of food and bacteria sitting on your child's teeth and gums. 
  3. A healthy balanced diet - The types of food we eat can play a big part in our oral health. Regularly consuming food and drink that are high in sugar and/or high in acidity can be detrimental to your child's teeth. We recommend eating a balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables. Foods like chocolates, dried fruits and lollies should be kept as occasional foods. We don't believe in being strict and eliminating foods, everything in moderation.
  4. Start dental visits early - We don't mean the month after bub is born, we just mean early. We generally find that around the age of two is a great time. You're probably laughing, saying to yourself that there is no way your two-year-old son or daughter would allow a Dentist or Oral Health Therapist to take a peek in their mouths. But the early dental visits are about more than actually checking your child's teeth. We try to make these visits as fun as possible, even if it is just for a ride on mum or dads lap in the dental chair. We want to get your child comfortable with coming in to see us. 
  5. ​Protecting your child's teeth - You've spent so much time and effort establishing great oral hygiene habits for your child. We now need to make sure we protect their teeth in any way we can. If your child is playing any contact sports e.g. NRL, AFL, Soccer (football) and even water polo, we would recommend that you invest in a custom-fit mouthguard for your child. This will help to protect their teeth against any knocks or bumps. 


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