Root Canal Treatment

Gold Coast root canal therapy

If there's any procedure in dentistry that suffers from a major PR problem, it's likely root canal therapy. Merely mention the word root canal, and most people instantly recall stories from relatives and friends who've undergone the procedure in the past with poor outcomes. However, with modern advancements in treatment equipment and improved anaesthetic practices, these days root canal treatment is a much gentler and kinder procedure that's often no more uncomfortable than getting a filling.

At Waterways Dental we understand people are apprehensive to undertake root canal therapy, and so strive to make the entire treatment process as painless and pleasant as possible.

Do I need root canal therapy?

If you haven't previously undergone a professional in-house assessment with our Waterways Dental team, it's hard to determine if root canal therapy is the right option for you. However, if you have been experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, call our clinic – you may have an infection and should seek an examination as soon as possible.

  • Intense tooth pain aggravated by chewing or pressure
  • Sensitivity brought on by hot or cold temperatures
  • Tooth darkening in one or more teeth
  • Swelling or tenderness in the gums, sometimes radiating to jaws or cheek

What does root canal treatment involve?

The term 'root canal' refers to the internal area of the tooth that houses the pulp and nerve. Occasionally this particular part of the tooth can become infected, and if this occurs not only does the tooth become painful but the infection can travel to other areas of the mouth or spread to other teeth. In these cases, root canal therapy may be the most effective treatment to save affected teeth. Root canal treatment is the last barrier before requiring tooth extraction.

If our dental team assesses that a root canal is the best course of action for you, once you are completely comfortable and your anaesthetic takes effect our dentists will create a small access point in your affected tooth. Working through this access point, any infected material will be drained out and the interior of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned to make sure no infection remains. The affected tooth will then be filled, and a dental cap or crown may be placed to protect the tooth. This part of the process is often necessary because the structure of the tooth becomes weakened after root canal treatment – if this happens, dental caps or crowns can strengthen the tooth to protect it from damage.

The treatment is broken up into stages – this makes the process less arduous for patients without compromising on results.

How effective is root canal therapy?

Root canal treatment has over 93% success rate. Therefore, it's shown to be a highly successful treatment.

In the majority of cases, a root canal treatment can last a lifetime.

Why choose Waterways Dental for root canal therapy?

If you're seeking treatment options for root canal therapy on the Gold Coast, our Mermaid Waters dental practice welcomes you. At Waterways Dental we have two clinicians who are extremely experienced in root canal therapy, and are often able to assist patients requiring urgent attention – we strive to treat emergencies quickly.

Our practice has all the latest equipment on hand to perform root canal treatment onsite, including a specialised rotary handpiece. More cost-effective than seeing an endodontist or specialist, our in-house team of oral health professionals offers root canal therapy options tailored to deliver the best results for you.

Other Gold Coast clinics' root canal therapy treatment plans might not include final stage options like dental caps or crowns, but our clinicians are proactive in recommending any procedures that will ensure the health and longevity of your teeth – after all, why undergo root canal therapy only to have the weakened tooth break later.

To discuss professional, gentle root canal treatment options, call our practice to arrange an appointment.