Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Composite tooth coloured fillings in Mermaid Waters

Tooth-coloured fillings, sometimes called white or composite fillings, have multiple advantages over traditional amalgam 'metal' fillings of years gone by. Modern composite materials look exactly like a healthy, natural tooth, and are not only more aesthetically appealing than amalgam fillings, but have the added benefit of requiring less tooth preparation.

Tooth coloured composite fillings can also be an appealing alternative for minor reshaping of chipped teeth or to fill small gaps between teeth to give you a more even smile.

What is a composite or tooth-coloured filling?

Composite fillings are usually formed using a mixture of resins and fillers and applied to the tooth in layers to fill holes or gaps. Unlike traditional metal amalgam fillings, composites can be made to match the colour of your natural teeth for more seamless-looking repairs.

Compared to amalgam fillings, composites require less removal of healthy tooth structure to adhere to, which leaves more remaining surrounding tooth structure intact. Composite fillings are also less susceptible to chipping or cracking than metal fillings, which tend to expand and contract due to greater susceptibility to temperature changes in your mouth.

What does a composite filling procedure entail?

If your dentist decides tooth-coloured fillings are an appropriate treatment option for you, they'll first numb the area if required and remove any decay present. Before placing the composite filling, the surrounding tooth structure will be etched to create a roughened surface for composite bonding.

The dentist can use different shades of composite material to match the natural colour of your tooth. Once mixed, the composite material is then applied in layers.

Allowing time to cure between each layer, the filling will be shaped to contour to your bite before being polished smooth. Unlike amalgams, composite fillings will finish setting before you leave the dentist's chair and can be used almost immediately.

What are the advantages of tooth coloured composite fillings?

Compared to amalgam fillings, tooth coloured composite fillings act more like natural tooth structures, helping to avoid fractures due to uneven stress when biting. They also look better, blending in more successfully with your surrounding teeth.

Yet aside from better aesthetic appeal and performance, composite fillings are also better for the environment than amalgam fillings – removal and disposal of amalgams add to the toxic burden of our waterways. At Waterways Dental, due to our environmental commitment, we no longer offer amalgam fillings for this reason.

Why choose Waterways Dental for tooth-coloured fillings?

At Waterways Dental we use only the highest quality materials, including world-leading composite resins. This leads to stronger fillings with longer-lasting results. At Waterways Dental, our professional team strives to deliver reliable service and gentle, caring dental treatment options.

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