Cleanings and Examinations


Is it time to book in for your routine dental check-up and clean? At Waterways Dental, the team at our Mermaid Waters clinic welcomes new and returning patients for dental cleans and examinations.

Unlike some dental clinics, Waterways Dental has a qualified oral health therapist available for all cleans, meaning you're getting the very best in expert care to ensure a healthy, glowing smile.

Experience the Waterways Dental difference:

+ Because good oral health relies on vigilance and consistent care, we are proactive in taking regular photos and x-rays to maintain a baseline on the condition and appearance of your teeth – this ensures we can catch any problems as soon as possible, leading to better outcomes.

+ We will pre-book your 6-month check-up and clean appointments so that you're receiving optimal care without needing to worry about availability or forgetting to book.

+ Our specialist oral health therapist is available for all teeth cleans to deliver optimal results.

How often should I get a dental check-up?

For optimal oral health, we recommend that teeth cleaning and dental check-ups are undertaken every six months to keep your teeth looking their best whilst catching any issues before they become troublesome and costly.

With our focus on preventative care, a visit to our oral health therapist for your dental check-up and clean means you're ensuring a brighter smile today while insuring your smile for tomorrow.