Teeth Whitening

Professional Gold Coast Teeth Whitening treatment options

Are you noticing discolouration or staining on your teeth that you’d prefer wasn’t there? Professional teeth whitening can change the appearance of your smile in just one visit, giving you whiter, brighter teeth.

Unlike over-the-counter whitening, professional teeth whitening can considerably lighten the colour of teeth that show signs of yellowing and staining without harming your teeth or causing sensitivity. Our Gold Coast dental clinic's oral health therapists can help develop a tooth whitening plan tailored just for you.

Are my teeth suitable for teeth whitening?

Sometimes professional teeth whitening is all it takes to put the sparkle back into your smile. Even if you've had lacklustre results or sensitivity from whitening before, the modern professional tooth whitening procedures undertaken at our clinic are precisely tailored to the exact condition of your teeth for fast and effective whitening outcomes and are suitable for most people. However, if you have pre-existing conditions like severe tooth sensitivity, extensive enamel damage, or your particular staining or discolouration isn't suitable for whitening, we may need to treat underlying issues first or recommend alternatives. If you'd like to improve and brighten your smile but are unsure if teeth whitening is for you, visit us for a dental check-up and consultation so that our expert team can recommend services to best suit your unique needs. If we determine that undertaking whitening wouldn't be an effective approach for you, there are many other ways our dental team can improve the appearance of your teeth – including cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and crowns.

Will whitening my teeth hurt?

It shouldn't. Most professional whitening products contain an added desensitising ingredient that protects even sensitive teeth and keeps you comfortable during the process. Additionally, the customisable nature of professional whitening treatments prevents the product from coming into contact with soft tissues like your gums, lips, and tongue. If your teeth are very sensitive, please talk to us so that we can help you determine whether whitening is appropriate for you.

What about teeth whitening kits?

If you've had poor results or developed tooth sensitivity from whitening before, chances are it's from the type of whitening kit commonly found online, in grocery stores, or chemists. While increasingly popular, these types of over-the-counter products are prohibited from using the regulated, industry-strength quality ingredients that can generate rapid, professional results. As a consequence, the strength of these over-the-counter whitening products is much lower than what you'd expect in a professional treatment or dentist-prescribed take-home kit, meaning that even if you use the product for a longer period you are unlikely to get the results you can find in a professional product. Additionally, if your dentist is not monitoring your results, in some cases you may even inadvertently damage your teeth due to the corrosive nature of some low-quality ingredients.

Professional teeth whitening undertaken at reputable dental surgeries like Waterways Dental may consist of one or two phases – an in-office whitening session, a customised at-home kit, and care plan, or both.

Do you have payment options?

We're happy to assist with flexible payment options from clients seeking cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening. At Waterways Dental we proudly offer Afterpay, Openpay, and a range of other payment options available – click through to see a more extensive list.

To discuss teeth whitening or a range of other cosmetic treatment options, call our Gold Coast clinic to book a no-obligation consultation with our friendly patient care team.