Dental extractions and tooth removal in Mermaid Waters

For caring, gentle dental care, our team can assist with tooth extraction if removal is required. Given that a dentist's main goal is to promote great oral health so you can enjoy strong, healthy teeth for life, dental extractions are only ever considered as an absolute last resort to protect your health or to eliminate or reduce great pain.

There are several conditions that if in advanced stages may necessitate tooth removal:

  • Teeth overcrowding, impacted teeth, or wisdom teeth issues
  • Severe tooth fractures
  • Periodontal disease
  • Severely broken teeth or mouth trauma

In most cases, tooth replacement options can be discussed and planned for before undertaking any extractions so that we can quickly restore your smile.

Does tooth removal hurt?

At Waterways Dental we make patient comfort our top priority. Our dentist will always use anaesthetic before beginning your procedure, and we aim to provide gentle, effective dental extraction options so that you can recover quickly.

What are impactions and surgical tooth extractions?

Surgical extractions involve teeth that have not fully erupted from the gums yet require surgical removal. This sometimes occurs if the tooth is growing at an awkward angle or there's simply not enough space for the tooth to grow. Called an impaction, this condition often causes lots of pain and jaw discomfort which dramatically improves after the affected tooth is surgically removed. This procedure sometimes requires stitches to facilitate the healing process.

I'm in pain, can you fit me in for emergency tooth removal?

At Waterways Dental we have two clinicians who are extremely experienced in extractions, and are often able to assist patients requiring urgent attention – we strive to treat emergencies quickly, and will try to fit you in as soon as schedules allow.

If you think you may require urgent tooth removal, contact our clinic to arrange a dental examination or for any enquiries regarding dental tooth extractions.