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What are fissure sealants?

September 6, 2021
Posted By: Waterways Dental

What is a fissure sealant and why do we need them?
To give you the best answer, I'll need to explain what a fissure is first. 

What is a fissure? Fissures are the grooves and pits that form on the surface of your teeth. Sometimes your tooth might be "a bit too groovy", where the grooves or pits tend to run a bit deeper than others. Although food and bacteria seem to manage to squeeze in there with ease, the same cannot be said for your toothbrush bristles. 

If the fissures remain open and food and bacteria manage to get in, we could eventually be looking at decay, which may lead to things like fillings, root canal or tooth loss. 

What can we do?
Being proactive in your dental care means we look for ways to avoid needing the "bigger" stuff in the future. We usually recommend fissure sealants for six and twelve-year-old molars. But on occasion will also place them on baby teeth when required. Anyone who has previously had fissure sealants is advised to continue with their regular check-ups to ensure the integrity of the sealant as chewing can wear them away over time. 

Are they invasive?
The process happens very quickly, rarely causing any discomfort as drilling into the tooth is unnecessary. The tooth is washed with a conditioner and then dried. Once dry the tooth needs to be kept dry for the sealant material to be placed. The sealants are white or clear in colour and almost unnoticeable. 

If you would like to know if fissure sealants would be suitable for yourself or your child, please ask us at your next visit. 

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