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Dental Implants

December 28, 2021
Posted By: Waterways Dental
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Your dentist has just advised you that you need to have a tooth out, and now you are thinking about what is going to be the best way to fill the "gap" the missing tooth will create. You do some research into it, and you find that you have the option of a bridge, a denture or a dental implant. You have probably heard of a bridge and a denture, but what is a dental implant? How much do they cost? Does a dental implant hurt? Can anyone have a dental implant? 






What are dental implants?

Dental Implants (or tooth implants) are a great way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into your jaw-bone. This titanium screw is then used as an anchor to support a dental prosthetic, such as a crown. 

Can anyone have an implant?

We would love to say yes to this question, but unfortunately, this isn't always the case. To give our patients the best chance of having successful treatment, we have a few requirements you need to meet to have a dental implant.

  1. Because an implant is positioned within the bone, there needs to be enough bone present for the procedure to be successful. Before we proceed with treatment, we will always get our patients to have a dental scan done, also known as a CBCT. This scan tells us exactly how much bone is present, down to the millimetre. 
  2. Gum health directly relates to bone health and levels. If you have gum inflammation or infection, we need to address this before we can consider dental implants.

What do dental implants cost? 

The cost of an implant varies from patient to patient. For this reason, we offer a No Charge Consultation to come in and chat with our dentists to find out if an implant is a possibility for you. At this appointment, you will be given a ball-park figure, with the quote being finalised after we see your bone scan. We try to keep dental care accessible for everyone, so we have a number of great payment options available that we will happily discuss with you. 

How long does the dental implant procedure take?

The actual placing of the implant is relatively quick. We take our time in making sure you are comfortable before proceeding, and that generally takes up the majority of your appointment time. If you are having one implant placed, and things look relatively straightforward, we will book you in for a 60-minute appointment. If things look like they might take a little bit longer, we will always let you know. 

Do dental implants hurt? 

We make sure you are completely numb before starting treatment. Once the numbing has worn off, you may have some slight discomfort and we recommend taking the rest of the day easy and possibly taking some paracetamol. The day after treatment we phone our patients to check on how they are feeling and to make sure everything is comfortable.  

Is it all done in one appointment?

No. Once the titanium screw is placed we need to wait for the bone and the implant to integrate, this is known as osseointegration. We generally give this three months to occur although for some people it may take a little while longer. Once the integration has been checked and confirmed, we then organise to have your prosthetic made (crown, bridge or denture) and get you back in a fortnight later to fit the prosthetic. 

Aftercare for dental implants:

The success and longevity of the dental implant is now up to you. Your home care will determine how long the implant lasts. In the perfect mouth with the perfect care, an implant will last a lifetime. We highly recommend you attend your six-monthly dental hygiene visits, so we can keep a close eye on the implant. 


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