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The importance of dental check-ups

May 12, 2022
Posted By: Waterways Dental
dental check ups and it's importance

Why do you need regular dental check-ups?

It is a question we hear at least weekly. Why do I need to have my teeth checked so often? Why are you rebooking me for 6 months' time?

Against popular belief, dentists don't actually want their patients coming in for root canals and tooth extractions (or any of the other "bigger" things). In an ideal world, your dentist would only need to see you every six months for your dental examinations and cleaning. 

What's our approach to dental check-ups?

Here at Waterways Dental, we are all about being proactive. We place a large emphasis on having your regular hygiene visits. Now, we understand that six months pass extremely quickly and it can be a bit disheartening to call reception and hear that it has been well over a year since we last saw you. To help keep you on top of your overall oral health, we now book your next visit six months in advance. We even have some patients who book two six-monthly appointments so their visits are sorted for the next year! 


But this brings us back to WHY. Why is this important? 


First, we often hear "dentistry is so expensive" (By the way, did you know Waterways Dental offers a range of payment options to access our treatments in ways that best suit you? ) - This is usually coming from the people that only come to see us when they have a large and/or painful problem. Now, imagine if you came to see us six months ago and your large problem wasn't so large. 


Second, when you have calculus stuck to your teeth it's a bit like concrete;  super hard and requires special tools to break it up and remove. If you leave calculus for a period of time, it can cause gum issues like infections, inflammation, and recession. If left for too long, you can develop gum disease and periodontal issues, resulting in loose teeth and needing to see a gum specialist. 


In a perfect world, we would only be seeing our patients every six months. We would get you in, take a look at everything and make sure you're keeping on top of your gum and teeth health. You will either get the all-clear OR we might notice the start of something happening.

Tooth decay doesn't happen overnight and if we were able to catch things early, a small filling sounds a lot better than a root canal and crown. 


We would love for you, our patient, to join us in being proactive with your dental health. Call us today to book your six-monthly visit, or book online by clicking here.